DroodleBooks Original

Boost your productivity while you unleash your inner Da Vinci with DroodleBooks: a coloring book combined with a high-quality A5 portable notebook made from robust 90-gram recycled paper and a premium soft-touch hardcover.

Featuring 160 pages with 20 unique designs, DroodleBooks finally puts an end to boredom in the workplace or classroom!

DroodleBooks Original is the version that started it all, finally uniting our right and left brains!


  • The original DroodleBooks design
  • 160 pages made from heavy 90 gram recycled paper
  • 20 unique high-resolution line art designs, with one design printed in the header of every page
  • Soft Touch Premium Faux Leather  Hardcover
  • Elastic Pen Holder and closure strap for convenience
  • Fabric Bookmark included